Core technology creates cutting-edge nanomaterials

Attention has been focused on active studies of various carbon-based nanomaterials (including Single-walled carbon nanotube (CNT) ink, multi-walled CNTs and carbon nanotubes), such as carbon nanotubes (CNTs), discovered in Japan as materials that have many excellent characteristics of high electric conductivity, rigidity, and lightness. However, the selective generation methods or technologies that achieve high yielding rate, and separation and refinement on an industry scale have not been established, which means use for industrial applications has been limited to date. The greatest problem is the irreversible and strong agglomerating property from the strong intermolecular interactions among CNTs.

NanoSummit Co., Ltd., realized highly uniform dispersion of CNTs at an industrial level . We are continually working to improve dispersing agents and enhance the technology to ensure unrivalled and unique processes.

Dispersion technology is NanoSummit’s core competence that enables the use of CNTs as coating materials and integration with other materials through uniform mixing. The process allows the development of highly functional cutting-edge nanomaterials that include CNT heat generation sheets, conductive fibers, and cesium adsorption filters.