NanoSummit has been promoting projects to develop nanotechnologies for the future together with many cooperative and cooperative organizations. We will introduce some of those projects.

FY 2012

From October 1, 2012
to January 31, 2013

Innovative technological studies in oil development field
Development of innovative coating materials wherein a variety of functionalities of carbon nanotubes are applied

FY 2013

From December 26, 2013
to March 28, 2014

Subsidy for advanced technology demonstration and evaluation facility development, and others
Development project for facility to demonstrate/evaluate the cesium adsorption filter capability of radiation-tainted waste

Registered on July 24, 2013

Strategic foundational technology improvement support operation
Joint development of deposition technology through non-vacuuming of carbon nanotube (CNT) transparent electrode corresponding to increasing size of surface area to be coated

October 17
to August 15, 2014

Subsidy project for supporting trial manufacture and development by manufacturing small and medium enterprises/small-scale enterprises
Trial manufacture and development of innovative nanotechnology green marine coating material

FY 2015

July 10
to February 28, 2016

Project for subsidy to development of new technology/commercialization of product in Saitama Prefecture
Development of technology for mass-production of Carbon Nanotube (CNT) transparent conductive ink

August 4, 2015
to March 31, 2018

Innovative Technology Creation Promotion Program
Research and development of new-type capacitor for freezing and refrigeration that drastically reduce energy consumption in production areas and distribution processes and commercial viability