Creating the Future from Nanomaterials


Kotaro Kumagai

Born on June 23, 1973. Graduated, Law and Legal Studies, Faculty of Law, Keio University. Established Finix Co., Ltd., in 2003. Assumed the position of president and became involved in the import of rare metals. Established NanoSummit International Ltd. in 2009 and assumed the position of president. Assumed the position of director of NanoSummit Co., Ltd. (double assignment) in 2013. Assumed the position of president of NanoSummit Co., Ltd., in 2014 to the present date.

Nanomaterials are molecules. One of the most well-known nanomaterials is the carbon nanotube (CNT). The material is light in weight, robust, and conductive, which has been studied all over Japan. However, development of a leading-edge material that brings out those features as a new material proceeded with much difficulty. The main reason was in the high cohesion among CNT molecules. For example, when making a pancake, suppose that the power could not be dispersed well in water, which caused the mix to clump. The pancake that is made non-uniformly would not taste good, and the commodity value would be low. CNTs are materials where dispersion was very difficult. We have established a technology to disperse CNTs in large quantities and at economical cost. This was a major breakthrough. Only with the effect that materials currently used for airplanes and vehicles are known to be light in weight and robust will be lighter, thus resulting in better fuel consumption and reduced costs, and the infrastructure of the world will be changed drastically. The screens of smartphones will be renovated, glass windows for houses and buildings will become highly functional just like smartphones, and the future reflected in science fiction movies will become reality.


By mixing the materials with other functional materials, this sophisticated capability to disperse nanomaterials makes it possible to create various molecular-assembled materials that are controlled on the molecular level, which is the new sphere that lies beyond the common sense of conventional materials.


NanoSummit is the leader in cutting-edge nanomaterials where the advantages of the materials are fully employed. We will set out to be an enterprise that creates the future with high functional materials that will be generated therefrom.