Conventionally, it was hard to apply the coating film beautifully because it was difficult to disperse CNTs. NanoSummit CNT coatings have been realized by adding master artisan techniques in the small Taiyo Toryo factory in Ota-ku, Tokyo, which has been in business for 60 years, to the CNT dispersing technology of NanoSummit. We interviewed Chairman Morii of Taiyo Toryo concerning the features and appealing points.

What are the properties of CNT?

First, we know that CNTs offer superb electric conductivity, heat conductivity, and electromagnetic shielding; furthermore, Single-walled carbon nanotube (CNT) ink CNTs generate active oxygen when exposed to infrared irradiation. Because CNTs form aggregates, it has been difficult to make use of this performance. However, we succeeded in developing CNT coatings for both Single-walled carbon nanotube (CNT) ink and multi-walled CNTs structures by combining our coating techniques with NanoSummit dispersion technology.

What are the advantages of forming CNTs into coating materials?

The development of multiple coating types with different viscosities—the spray type, application type, hot-melt type, and powder type—make it possible to apply CNTs to fibers, fishnets, and other versatile materials. For example, with regard to electric conductivity, it is possible to set resistance values from 10-1 to 106 ohms by varying the composition of the coating materials. With planar heater using heat conductivity, energy savings up to 30% can be achieved compared to nichrome wire.

How can the CNT coating materials be manufactured?

Originally, coating materials were made of three ingredients: the resin that makes the film, the pigment that determines the color, and the solvent that adjusts the viscosity. So, the CNT-dispersed solution is mixed with the water-based resin, a process considered a strength of Taiyo Toryo, and then, an additive agent is added to the mixture to manufacture the CNT coating materials. There are a wide variety of resins and additive agents whose combination determines the performance of the coating materials. The capability to create the most appropriate coating material out of one million or more combinations is the expertise of Taiyo Toryo, which has been involved in manufacture of coating materials for sixty years and over.